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Hotel Carpi

is planet friendly

Why do we consider ourselves to be friends of the planet?
Because in recent years, there has been a growing awareness about how much Planet Earth is suffering from human neglect. Yet new technologies make it possible to maintain the same comforts without continuing to recklessly pollute.

In our own small way, we at Hotel Carpi have adopted a new policy in the selection of materials and services to offer, increasing the use of ecological, recycled and recyclable materials. We are now extending this philosophy to all areas – from the fittings in the room and sanitising products to the meeting rooms, breakfast room and bar. Not even the reception is exempt from this new green wave, where staff have been instructed to avoid waste and favour the use of eco-sustainable materials.

After all, sustainability does not mean deprivation but rather participation through premium experiences. It is a long journey and not always easy but it is a path we want to complete with conviction, each and every day.

Will you join us?